Small cotton bag - Hand dyed (using onion skins)

Pumpkins - Needle Felted

Beaded box - Stitching and beading

Socks - Hand knitted

Bookmark - Stitching on plastic canvas

Socks - Hand knitted

Small bag - Crochet

Tea Cosy - Hand knitted and felted

Shawl - Hand knitted

Shopping Bag - Crochet

Easter basket

Hand Felted, hand painted, easter egg lights and chocolate eggs

Easter Card - Hand stitched and beaded

Mother of Pearl Batt ( mixed fibres) - Hand spun

Hat - Hand knitted

Socks - Hand knitted

Cardigan - Hand knitted

Superheros soft ball - Machine sewn

Hat - Hand knitted

Sugar Skull - Embroidery (Kit bought from )

Scarf - Hand knitted ( using hand prepared and spun fleece)

Toy cat - Hand knitted

Soft toy ball - Hand sewn

Raw Fleece - Hand Spinning

All spun now for a long soak.

Shawl - Hand Knitted

Shawl - Finished now blocking

Shawl ( in progress)  - Hand knitting

Scarf - Hand knitted using hand spun yarn

For Sale at

Raw fleece - Hand spinning

Seadhead - Beaded stitching

Baby socks - Hand Knitted

Lined Bag - Hand woven fabric

Socks - Hand Knitted

Dragonfly Card - Beading

Fabric (for a bag) - Hand weaving

Teddybear - Hand knitted

Hand Knitted -  Fingerless Mittens

For sale on Etsy -

Shawl - Hand knitted

Teddybear ( in the garden) - Hand Knitted

Cushion Cover - Hand Knitting

Raw fleece washed, spun and hand knitted

Hats - Hand Knitted

Storage Tins - Recycled biscuit tins

Fingerless Mittens - Hand Knitted

Shawl - Hand knitting

Blanket - Hand Knitted

Scarf - Hand Knitted

Made using plied with cream crochet cotton.

Nearly Finished Stash Blanket - Hand Knitting

Blanket - Hand woven

Hat - Hand knitted using hand spun mixed fibres

Hats - Hand Knitting

Hats for purchase -

Spare room turned into a weaving/spinning room 

Sorting stash yarn to knit a blanket

Blanket - Crochet

Mixed fibres - Hand spun

Looking much better after a wash.

Mixed fibres - Hand Spun

Owl - Hand knitted

Socks - Hand Knitted

Bobble Hat - Hand knitted

Hat - Hand Knitted

Socks - Hand Knitted

Fingerless Mittens - Hand Knitting using Jacob fleece

I started with raw fleece which was washed and carded before being spun on a wheel.

Bobble Hat - Hand Knitting

Cardigan - Hand Knitting

Xmas ball and star - Hand sewing

Blanket - Hand woven

Hat - Hand knitted using hand spun yarn from raw fleece.

Baby hat - Hand knitting

Scarf - Hand Knitted

 Made using hand spun roving plied with crochet cotton.

Jo- Jo Dolls - Hand Knitting

This was a test knit for
Socks - Hand knitting

Tilde doy - Hand knitting

This was a test knit for

Swallow - Mosaic

Big Bunny Toy - Hand Knitting

Bag - Handmade with woven fabric (

Vase and Bowl - Wet felting

Sheep in a poppy field - Wet and needle felting

Fabric - Hand woven on a Cricket 15"

Fabric finished waiting to be made into a bag.

Cushion Cover - Hand Knitting

This was a test knit for -

Shawl - Hand Knitted

Fabric - Weaving on 15" Cricket loom

Hoping to have the fabric finished this weekend ready to make into a bag.

Cushion Covers - Woven on 15" Cricket Loom

Pendants, bead and brooch - Antique look clay

Hats - Hand Knitted

Owl - Hand Knitted

Hat - Hand knitted

I used my hand spun yarn -

Handmade Vase and Flowers - Ceramics and paper craft

Decorated candles

Doll - Hand Knitting

This was a test knit for

More socks - Hand knitted

Socks - Hand knitting

Pig - Felted after knitting

Before felting


Sock - Hand knitting

Haven't had a lot of time for crafting or painting recently but have cast on a sock this afternoon

Cardigan (finished garment) - Hand Knitted

I have now shorten the length of the cardigan but it's still waiting for buttons

Cardigan - Hand Knitting

I test knitted this pattern for Lisa Clarke from Polka Dot Cottage (

Scarf - Hand Knitted

Bag - Felted

1 bag, 2 purses - Knitted waiting to be felted   (they are in the washing machine at the moment)

A few of the cake flowers

Flowers for the Bride and Bridemaids

Bride's Shrug - Hand Knitted

Paper roses on top of the Wedding Cake

Keyring - Enamelling

First project 

Small Japanese knot bag - Felted

Pattern by Claire Fairall Designs :

Decorated mugs - Ceramic painting

Mugs drying before fixing in the oven this evening.

Birthday cake - Baking

Patio Plates - Ceramics

Socks - Knitting

Shawl - Knitting

Pattern -

Yarn -   -  January Yarn club 2015 Reawaken

Wool - Handspun using spindles

First attempt at Spinning with drop spindles

Socks - Knitting

Beanie Hat - Felted

Pattern by Claire Fairall Designs :

Hooded Jacket - Knitted

Owls - Felted

Pattern by Claire Fairall Designs :



Man's Scarf - Woven on 15"Cricket Loom

Gingerbread Man Advent Calendar - Sewing

Shopping bag - Crochet

Table Runner - Woven on 15" Cricket Loom

Shopping bag - Crochet

Paper Rose - Paper Craft

Hand Towel - Woven on 15" Cricket loom

Hand Towel - Woven on 15" Cricket loom

Gaint Rose - Paper craft

Baby Blanket -  Woven on 15" Cricket loom

Gaint Rose - Paper craft

Baby Blanket -  Woven on 15" Cricket loom

Birds - Needle felted (pink bird) - Felt trimmed with beading (black bird)

Child's scarf - Woven on 15" Cricket Loom

Baby Jackets and hat - Knitted

Seaside Mobile - Shrink Plastic

Easter Egg Basket - Mixed crafts plus chocolate

Scarf - Woven on 15" Cricket Loom

Bag - Felted

The bag was hand knitted then washed to felt it, the flower decoration is needle felted.

Sun catcher - Stained Glass

Blanket - Crochet

Wrestling Cake - Baking

Easter Egg - Needle Felting

Duck - Needle Felting

Fish - Needle Felting

Daffodils - Needle Felting

Hat & Scarf - Knitting

Flower - Finger Weaving

Robin - Needle Felting

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