Roses at the allotment - Photography

Photobombed ( by a seagull) - Photography

Conwy Bay - Photography

Poppy - Photography

Local Church - Photography

Giant @ Winter Wonderland London - Photography

Salsify - Photography

Washing Raw Fleece - Photography

Squirrel - Photography

Snowdrops - Photography

Morning Moon - Photography

Super Moon - Photography

Autumn trees - Photography

Moss - Photography

Pumpkin display - Photography

Lobster pots in Bridlington - Photography

Pickering Castle - Photography

Scooters - Photography

Link to vote for this picture in Viewbug's picture of the month competition -

Pumpkin  -  Photography

Will this be a winning entry into the giant pumpkin competition?

Poppy - Photography

Inside Chapel Boston Cemetery - Photography

Chapel Boston Cemetery - Photography

What do you see? - Nature's art!

It's dried bird poo on a piece of black garden fleece

Bluebells - Photography

Light shafts - Photography

Fydell House - Boston UK  - Photography

Link to larger version of this picture

Reflections at Stowe Gardens - Photography

Waiting for dinner - Photography

Bluebells (Panoramic) - Photography

Link to larger version of this photo -

Bluebells - Photography

Bluebells - Photography

Early morning walk - Photography

Patterned brick work - Photography

Chinese Lantern - Photography

Allotment flowers - Photography

Cornflowers - Photography

Sweetpeas - Grown on the allotment

Spring - Photography

Boston Stump reflected in a puddle - Photography

Fennel - Photography

Seed heads - Photography

Not had a lot of time for art over the holidays but have had a new camera (Canon Ixus 510) to use.

Seagulls - Photograph

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